Apex Vanguard are proud to introduce an innovative multi-mount camera system

About Apex Vanguard

Apex Vanguard Limited was formed to develop a range of specialist surveillance, security and operational security camera systems.

Apex Vanguard has harnessed the expertise of a range of specialists, key being our industrial designer together with our electronics and communications expert. Eminent in their respective fields, they have been the crucial elements in developing The Hecate Camera System, as the first in a series of security and surveillance products. These will be complemented by a range of ancillary products to maximise the use and effectiveness of our range of camera systems.

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Hecate Ruggedised Tactical Camera System

A specialist multi-platform camera system offers a three-camera system – thermal imaging; infrared plus day / night cameras. This powerful combination is supported by an integrated COFDM Microwave transmission module with all the video and data transmitted to a fully functional ergonomic hand-held Receiver unit.


The Hecate camera system has a range of applications that can be implemented across many sectors and is available for use in the UK & Internationally.


Multiple ranges of disciplines and sectors for deployment in the myriad theatres of operation


Police, Border control and MOD – UK & International


Search and Rescue


Security and Surveillance – Patrol with full monitoring

Product Description

Key to the Hecate Camera System is the expandable infrared video processing with embedded industry-standard interfaces empowering advanced processing and analytics in an industry-leading system.

The long wave infrared thermal camera module sets a new standard for performance. It utilises FLIR infrared video processing architecture to enable advanced image processing and several industry-standard communication interfaces while keeping power consumption low. The benefits of the thermal camera are that of providing operator “vision” of outlines via the thermal signatures of objects and animate objects.

All of this supported via Multiplexed video and audio to the Receiver unit operated in a variety of ways.

The Hecate Camera System is primarily designed and presented to mount on canines featuring a quick release system for increased operational flexibility with a long-life battery system allowing maximum operational time.

Key to the Hecate Camera System, is Its ability to adapt to multiple mounting and deployment options covering vehicles, poles, trees and alternate platforms – all as part of the system.

Key Features

3 Camera System:

  • Daylight camera
  • Infrared camera
  • Thermal image camera
  • FLIR infrared video processing


  • Up to 3km – line of sight
  • 300 metres urban

Operational Deployment:

  • Dog mounted
  • Vehicle mounted
  • Pole mounted
  • Independent mounts – tree; tripod

Receiver Unit:

  • 7 inch TFT screen with LED backlight
  • Backpack, chest, neck or
    hand mounted
  • Two way comms with canine handler

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