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About Apex Vanguard

Apex Vanguard Ltd are U.K. manufacturers of specialist surveillance and operational security camera systems.

Established in 2019 we have harnessed the expertise from a wide range of specialists. This includes former serving Military and Police personnel, industrial designers and electronics and communications experts.

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Hecate Ruggedised Tactical Camera System

A specialist IP67 rated multi-platform camera system featuring a wide view day camera, IR night camera and a FLIR® thermal imaging camera all in one system. This is all supported by an integrated COFDM microwave transmission module with all the video and data transmitted to a fully functional ergonomic hand-held receiver unit.

Key Features

3 Operational cameras:

  • Wide view daylight camera
  • Infrared camera
  • FLIR® thermal image camera
  • White/IR light illumination
  • Loudspeaker + Microphone
  • Waterproof / IP67
  • Anti snag spring loaded mechanism
  • Unique quick release mounting system.


  • Up to 3km line of sight
  • 300 metres urban
  • Apex Vanguard COFDM transmission enables good signal penetration into buildings and caves.

unique multi-mount Deployment:

  • K9 Dog mounted
  • Observation pole
  • Tripod

hecate Receiver Unit:

  • 7 inch sun readable screen with LED backlight
  • 2 way audio comms
  • Chest mounted or handheld
  • Waterproof / IP67
  • Recording to Micro SD card
  • Channel change for multiple deployed cameras.


The Hecate camera system has a range of applications that can be implemented across many sectors and is available for use in the UK & Internationally.


Multiple ranges of disciplines and sectors for deployment in the myriad theatres of operation


Police – Fire Service – Border Force Protection


Search and Rescue – UN Disaster Relief


VIP Close Protection – Venue Search and Surveillance

Product Description

The HECATE K9 camera is the first to offer daylight, infrared and thermal images transmitted in real time back to the dog handler. Live video/audio is received up to 300 metres distance urban. A talkback feature provides the ability to relay commands in addition to listening via a front facing loudspeaker and microphone. Key is the FLIR® thermal imaging camera (which represents a giant leap forward in thermal imaging performance) with dramatic reduction in size and weight. This allows the HECATE camera to operate in zero light by detecting heat images normally invisible to the eye.

Integrated daylight/infrared cameras are supported by efficient white light and IR light LED illumination allowing operation in ALL lighting conditions. The unique spring loaded anti-snag camera body is designed for stability aiding maneuverability through obstacles and small spaces. The ruggedised HECATE handheld receiver features a 7 inch sunlight readable display for easy viewing, an internal DVR records evidence on a removable micro SD card. The HECATE receiver also has a channel changing feature allowing the operator to view multiple cameras at the touch of a button.

Additional search capability can be further enhanced with the optional lightweight carbon fibre telescopic observation pole. The complete HECATE system is specifically designed for rapid response deployment.

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